Periodontics in Granada

At Clinica Dental Parque Lagos we specialise in periodontics treatments in Granada treating periodontal diseases, being the most frequent gingivitis and periodontitis.

With periodontics treatments we provide solutions to problems of inflammation and infection in the gums and neck of the teeth, seeking to restore dental health.

Periodontics experts in Granada

If you are looking for periodontics experts in Granada, contact our Clinica Dental Parque Lagos.

Always with individualised treatments, we will take care of your oral health and look for the best treatment to treat any periodontal disease or avoid it.

What is periodontitis?

If you have always heard of it but wonder exactly what periodontitis is, here we tell you that it is an advanced periodontal disease that appears if we do not treat gingivitis in time. The infection moves from the gum to the bone, which is destroyed, so that the teeth can be displaced and even lost.

Periodontitis is the main cause of tooth loss in adults….

Your treatment at the best price

Request your appointment and we will offer you a consultation with the best personalised attention from our specialised dentists.

Signs of suffering periodontitis

The signs of suffering from periodontitis are clear. Go to your dental clinic if your gums are inflamed or swollen, bright red, dark or purple in colour; also, if they bleed easily when brushing or flossing.

Don’t forget that bad breath or tartar build-up, even pus, between the teeth and gums are symptoms of periodontitis. Mobility or a change in the position of teeth is another sign, this time of advanced periodontitis.

Benefits of periodontitis treatment

Taking care of our oral health and having regular periodontitis or gingivitis treatment is the best way to avoid more serious periodontal disease. In fact, a more preventive periodontal treatment differs greatly from one for when we already suffer from periodontitis.

The benefits of a periodontal treatment are mainly the preservation of our natural teeth and an optimal state of health of the gums.

Many studies have shown that taking care of oral health helps to reduce the risk of suffering from diseases such as diabetes or cancer, or premature birth in pregnant women.

How much does periodontal treatment cost?

A periodontal treatment requires a previous analysis of the problem and the oral health status of each patient. For this reason, the price of periodontal treatment is adapted to each patient.

Preventive treatments such as cleanings are cheaper than solving periodontitis, which is why regular check-ups are highly recommended, both economically and, above all, for health reasons.

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