Invisalign en Granada

Invisalign in Granada

At Dental Clinic Parque Lagos, we are orthodontic specialists and of course, we also specialize in Invisalign invisible orthodontics in Granada.

If you need orthodontics or think you may need this type of treatment, do not hesitate to contact us.

Experts in Invisalign in Granada

Invisible orthodontics is one of the most in-demand orthodontics today, mainly due to its aesthetic advantages.

If you’re looking for an Invisalign treatment in Granada, you can put yourself in the hands of our Dental Clinic Parque Lagos. For years, we have been experts in this type of orthodontics.

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¿What is Invisalign orthodontics?

But what is Invisalign orthodontics? It is a type of invisible orthodontics based on different transparent removable aligners that gradually move the teeth to achieve the desired result.

No aligner is the same as another, nor are they the same between patients.

Each Invisalign treatment is based on an individualized plan, which allows for a preview of the final result and the movements needed to achieve it.

Your invisalign treatment at the best price

Make an appointment and we will offer you a consultation with the best personalised attention from our specialised dentists.

¿What type of patients can have Invisalign orthodontics?

In advance, there are no contraindications to having Invisalign orthodontics. This type of invisible orthodontics can be performed on people with malocclusions regardless of their age.

It is true that it is more recommended for adults due to the necessary oral hygiene and the thorough control that must be carried out. For these reasons, the patient’s collaboration and involvement are very important, which directly influence the treatment outcome.

Benefits of an Invisalign treatment

Benefits of an Invisalign treatment

One of the main advantages of an Invisalign treatment is the aesthetics and discretion, as the transparent aligners are virtually invisible and go unnoticed.

Likewise, there are other benefits of the Invisalign treatment:

1. Visualize the result

Being able to visualize the result even before starting. It is no longer necessary to imagine how our smile will look.

2. Comfort of use

Comfortable treatment, as it allows us to remove the splints to eat or brush our teeth. In addition, invisible orthodontics does not cause sores or rubbing like brackets do.

3. More specialized monitoring

Appointments are comfortable and even more spaced out than with a traditional orthodontic treatment. In addition, different aligners are provided to the patient, who does not have to go to the dental clinic every time they have to change to the next aligner.

¿What is the price of the Invisalign treatment?

The price of an Invisalign treatment in Granada depends, basically, on the number of aligners needed to achieve the final result. For this reason, it is difficult to give an exact price beforehand without reviewing the needs of each patient.

If you are interested in an invisible orthodontic treatment, do not hesitate to contact us. We also remind you that the first visit is free at Dental Clinic Parque Lagos.

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