Teeth whitening in Granada

To achieve whiter teeth without losing naturalness and without damaging the enamel. This is the goal of teeth whitening, an aesthetic, non-invasive treatment that we also offer at our dental clinic in Granada.

Expertos en blanqueamiento dental

Experts in teeth whitening in Granada

This treatment is one of the most demanded by those who focus on both their dental aesthetics and oral health. Although it may not seem so, teeth whitening also influences the health of our mouth.

If you are looking for experts in teeth whitening in Granada, you can go to Dental Clinic Parque Lagos. We will advise you personally about which type of whitening is best for you.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive treatment that removes tooth stains. In no case does it harm the enamel of our teeth.

There are different treatments, whether carried out in the clinic, home treatment prescribed or a combined teeth whitening.

The results with the lamp treatment in the clinic are immediate, while the home treatment, based on trays with product, usually has a progressive result reaching the final result in about 15 days.

Your teeth whitening treatment at the best price

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Benefits of teeth whitening treatment

The benefits of a teeth whitening treatment are clear:

  1. Obvious improvement, with a clarification of up to 8 shades while maintaining naturalness always.
  2. The results are immediate, although not permanent. They can be maintained for a longer time by avoiding some foods or with actions at home guided by the dentist.
  3. It doesn’t hurt. It is normal to feel hypersensitivity during the hours after the treatment.
  4. It doesn’t harm the enamel if it is professionally done in a dental clinic.

It is recommended to perform the treatment on a healthy mouth without any pathology.

How long does teeth whitening last?

As we have mentioned before, the results of teeth whitening are rapid and evident, although it is true that it doesn’t last forever.

Normally, teeth whitening lasts about two years. This result can be maintained by avoiding foods like coffee, tea or acidic drinks. Being a smoker also greatly affects it. Antibiotics or certain medications can also produce stains within the teeth.

What is the price of teeth whitening treatment?

The price of teeth whitening depends on the oral health status and the final treatment that is considered the most optimal.

If you notice that your teeth are darker and you are considering whitening, we recommend that you call us without obligation or make an appointment for us to assess your case. The first visit to our clinic and the budget are free.